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We offer the opportunity of restoration to all persons who seek help

Betel encourages an open door policy: easy entrance and easy exit. From the beginning of our history, we decided to minister only with the highest integrity of love and without manipulation. Consequently, all those who enter our communities do so voluntarily and retain the right to leave whenever they please. As a guideline, we suggest residents plan to join us for at least one year, though there is no time limit placed on anyone’s stay. You can find out more about our methods of rehabilitation here or about what an “average” day is like in the life of a Betel resident here.

We believe that life is never hopeless.

Many of our residents say life at Betel feels like becoming a new member of an extended family. Betel is a safe, structured, family-like environment where there is consistent peer-support: during the first few months, each resident is assigned a brother-like mentor. As such, Betel is not a rehabilitation centre or a clinical program with doctors or counsellors, where you receive a medicated detox, but instead, it provides an alternative model of recovery which has made a radical difference to many lives that were formerly in chaos. Should you have any questions, or would like further information about what we do please feel free to call or email us.

Coming to Betel

Coming into Betel is completely free of charge. You can refer yourself or be referred by someone else. All men wishing to come to us will need to do a phone interview – but don’t worry – it’s not full of tricky questions. The interview involves us finding out some important information about you such as your current situation, medical needs etc. and gives us the opportunity to explain clearly to you how Betel functions and what to expect when you come. The phone interview generally takes about 10-15 minutes

If it is agreed that coming to Betel is a good next step for you then you will be offered a place in our residence in Victoria. We take men from all over Victoria and the rest of Australia. You shouldn’t have to wait long to come to us. We are generally able to offer people a place within a few days of doing the interview providing we have all the information we need.

For more information on how to apply see our Admissions Procedure.

Drug Free

Betel is a social work dedicated to restoring substance dependent and marginalized people to productive and independent lifestyles. Our residences are drug and alcohol free. We offer the opportunity of restoration to all persons who seek help.