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Admission Procedure

Everyone wishing to enter Betel must first do a personal interview together with your main carer (if applicable). However if, for reasons of geographical distance, you are unable to attend a personal interview, we will conduct a telephone interview with you. You can ring us Monday through Friday (office hours) to arrange an interview time. Following the interview, we receive people quickly, usually within 1 to 5 days of that interview. We suggest that men plan to join us for a minimum of 12 months. We accept male residents of 17 years (with parental permission) and older. We have no upper age limit”

There’s a new life waiting for you

Having had the privilege of visiting a number of Betel projects I have been struck on every occasion by the atmosphere of love and acceptance that pervades everyone and everything. If you couple this with a high level of commitment to service and professionalism you have a powerful medium in which those rejected by society can find dignity and hope for the future.

The amazing growth of Betel’s work is a very powerful testimony to the power of God’s love in the hearts and wills of those who have been prepared to make the sacrifices a changed life requires. Betel’s statistics reinforce the considerable impact that this ministry has had on the lives of thousands of people who had all but given up hope of breaking free from addiction and other problems. In an age where ‘Outcomes’ rule but seldom measure up to expectations, the facts from Betel speak for themselves.
David Partington, General Secretary, International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition.

Support and Accommodation

All of Betel’s caring support services are free of charge to everyone. These include staff support, job training, 24-hour supervision and general administration.

Community Rules

Those entering Betel do so on the condition that they have voluntarily stopped using illegal drugs and alcohol, and are willing to comply with the following primary rules (some additional rules will be discussed during your telephone interview).

  • Smoking or the use of any tobacco product is not permitted on or off premises
  • Personal money is to be deposited with the staff upon entry. Money not spent on personal needs will be returned upon departing the community. It is not necessary to bring personal money, and we discourage new residents from doing so
  • “Betelitos” travel in pairs or in teams. All residents are to be accompanied by at least 1 other resident or staff member at all times
  • Incoming residents will undergo an intake procedure, to include the screening of your person and luggage for objectionable materials, and the filling out of an information form with your personal details
  • During the interview and upon entrance, individuals are to inform Betel of their present state of health, particularly of any contagious diseases and of all pending legal judgments. Individuals with organic or psychological illnesses may be denied entrance if the disease is actively contagious; requires specialised medical attention or; impedes the normal functioning of the community
  • Residents taking legally prescribed addictive drugs e.g. methadone, tranquillisers, antidepressants or other long-term prescriptions of mood-altering drugs will not be permitted to reduce their intake as a form of withdrawal. They must take their last dosage before entering Betel. If their physician cannot recommend such action, they are advised to seek detoxification elsewhere before entering Betel
  • Family visits are permitted once a month and require prior notification
  • Telephone calls are not permitted during the first 15 days
  • Residents must refrain from using foul/violent language and violent behaviour
  • New residents generally do not leave the premises for the first 15 days, after which they are assigned to a Betel work team
  • Those choosing to consistently breach the rules may be asked to leave the residence

Drug Free

Betel is a social work dedicated to restoring substance dependent and marginalized people to productive and independent lifestyles. Our residences are drug and alcohol free. We offer the opportunity of restoration to all persons who seek help.